We take care of the business side, so you can focus on your customers

More than 200 stylists already joined the GYLD community

As a freelancer you are usually on your own. Not if it is up to us!

GYLD is the modern community for hairdressers, hairstylists and makeup artists. With your personal profile on GYLD, customers can see who your are, make an appointment and pay directly online. We take care of the business side, such as promotion and your invoices. Saves you a lot of time!

Of course everything is still in your hands. You choose the treatments you want to offer, the prices you want to ask and when and where you want to be available for bookings.

Everything is up to you and
nothing is fixed

How does it work?

Register for free and create your personal profile with your story and portfolio

Let us easily know when you are available with our online app

The customer pays online. No more headaches with the payments

Cheers! You have got a new booking. The money will be transferred to you

"When a customer wants to make an appointment, I refer them to my GYLD profile. It is just that easy!"
Sjaak - Hairdresser

Frequently asked questions

What will my profile look like?
A GYLD profile consists of a nice profile text about yourself, pictures of you and your work and the treatments you want to offer. For an example, please check out Sjaak’s profile.

What are the costs?
A GYLD profile is completely free to have. We only charge 20% service costs per booking. Meaning that you will only ‘pay’ when you actually make money.

Will I have fixed working days and times?
No way! Your availability is in your hands. If you want to open up your GYLD agenda once a week or once a month is totally up to you. You will still have all freedom as a freelancer.

I already have a lot of customers. Why would I still need GYLD?
You could use GYLD for your current customers and save a lot of time. In addition, GYLD will be there to fill the empty spots. We also get a lot of requests for photoshoots or wedding styling. When you are part of the GYLD community, we can approach you for these specials.

Can I use my own products?
Definitely! You are in control of the products you want to use. You can actually get products with a discount through GYLD. Contact us for more information.

What about travelling time?
When you have multiple appointments, it could be difficult to be on time. With the GYLD agenda you can manage your travelling time in between your appointments. The standard setting for travelling is 15 minutes.

What about travelling costs?
You set your working area with a radius. All the bookings within that radius will be including travelling costs.

Do I need to be registered at the CoC?
Yes, you need a CoC number to complete your registration at GYLD.

Register here or call us on +31 20 2612495 if you have any questions.