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Sjaak Ridder is enthusiastic and eager to learn. This inspired creator listened to his heart, gave up nursing to train as a hairdresser instead. "A people person, that's me."

“I worked as a nurse in elderly care from the age of sixteenth, psychiatry, palliative care and rehabilitation. I liked the contact with people in that job, and was glad to make the patients feel good. The social aspect of the work especially interested me, the talking. Deep down inside though, what I really wanted to do was cut hair. As a hairdresser you talk with your customers, but you’re working as part of a creative process. By creating a style that suits someone’s face you can make them beautiful.”

"I've only just finished training at Youngbloods at Kinki, and now I'm really on my way. I am so excited! Instead of going to work in a salon I'd like to go to people's homes, to make the experience special. During my training, I had a unique experience: I cut the hair of a man I had met at a festival. He was 84, but very hip. This gentleman had beautiful white-grey hair but parts of it were still dark, which I also dyed grey. That way I could combine my old job as a nurse with my new job: taking care of someone and making him feel good, in this case by giving him a beautiful appearance. I love young customers, but older people also have a special place in my heart." [...]

“My motto is: Bring out the best in everyone. That’s what I live for. I want to encourage people to use their talents. Just as I try to be the best I can be.”

“I’m in the picture with fashion magazines, my inspiration. I love nothing more than trawling through magazines. I look at hairstyles but also at clothing. I love fashion and would one day like to work at fashion shows, but for now I’m ready to hone my craft with private clients.”

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  • Young Bloods (Kinki)

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